Murrah Buffalo
The Murrah buffalo is a very popular buffalo breed that is highly demanded countrywide. The Water buffalo is kept by dairy farmers for milk purpose. Contact us for more information regarding this buffalo breed.
HF Cow
Our company is regarded as a number one HF cow trader in Haryana. This is the cow breed you would need if your requirement is the highest milk production dairy farm animal. In one year, this cow can produce milk an average of 32,740 g milk. 
Jersey Cow
Indian Jersey cow is a brown coloured cow, known for friendly nature. The milk produced by this cow breed is always rich and cream. The milk obtained can be further used for making dairy products, like yogurt, cream and cheese.
Tharparkar Cow
A cow that produced milk that has high nutritional value is Tharparkar cow. The white coloured cow has a strong built and can be reared anywhere in India given to the ability of withstanding all climates.
Sahiwal Cow
Sahiwal cow, a Zebu cattle breed is highly demanded by Indian dairy farmers. The milk produced by this breed of cow has high butter fat content. This cow can be easily reared, give adequate amount of water, feed and supplements.

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